Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 FuzziBunz Diapers Giveaway @ A Psych Mommy!

A Psych Mommy has an awesome giveaway going on... 3 FuzziBunz diapers! From what I hear, they are the BEST! I'm not sure if they are giving away the one-size, perfect size, or what... but does it matter? They ALL rock, right? Getting FREE ones makes them even better.. lol

To enter, just leave a comment on the giveaway post letting her know which is your favorite color and/or print! There are several ways to get an extra entry (or three) AND you can go back EVERY DAY and tell her one more color that you like!!

Ends March 26 @ midnight PST!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm a weiner!!

I actually won a giveaway! I won one of the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home books! I think this is the first time I've ever won anything in my whole life!!! I'm SO freakin' excited!!! I'm beside myself with glee! I hope it arrives ok up in WA while the hubby is there... I don't have an address here, yet... and I'm not getting a COA for my mom's house, because I'll just have to cancel it in a couple of weeks.
Now that I know I CAN win giveaways, and it's not always the same people that win over and over (You know the ones - they apparently just sit around ALL DAY and enter giveaways... They're always the first comment... and they are frequent winners)... I'm going to try to enter even MORE! So be prepared to be bombarded with all kinds of giveaway posts (not like I have any readers... yet...).
I actually have one to blog about now, that I just entered tonight, but it will have to wait 'til tomorrow, as I've got things to do... Can't just sit around and enter contests and blog all day and night.. :P

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Piggy Paints Giveaway!

For the Love of Baby! is giving away a gift set of Piggy Paint Fingernail polish. Lily absolutely LOVES getting her fingernails painted, and this stuff is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and all that good stuff. I worry about using regular nail polish and remover on her, because it even messes with my nose and skin, so I can't even imagine what it must do to her! These polishes come in a variety of awesome colors that I know Lily would just LOVE!

Ends March 5th, so hurry up and get your bums over there and enter for your little girls! The contest is here!

Surprise, surprise.. Giveaways!

This time it's something I DESPERATELY need... If you knew me, you'd know I'm far from being a neatfreak. I'm far, far toward the other end of the spectrum. I'm not much for cleaning because it takes so long, is so much work, and most cleaning agents are hazardous to my family's and the earth's health... but Thelma Meyer apparently has solutions for all my problems (and then some) in her book "Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home."

Over at Life's Sweet Passions, they're giving away 5 of these books! I want one! If you want one, too, head on over there and enter. It's super easy, and there are lots of ways to get bonus entries (such as blogging about it.. that's 2 extra entries.. woohoo!) Good luck!!

Also, 5 Minutes For Giveaways is giving away an Earth's Best Organics "First Foods" gift pack, loaded with tons of yummy, organic baby foods, a bib, and a bowl. Too awesome! I know I won't need the stuff for about 7-9 more months, but the shelf life of baby food is great, so I'm not worried. GO HERE to enter this giveaway!

Monday, March 2, 2009

History of me

Hey, wow... it's not a post about a giveaway, for once. I haven't started on this blog, because I honestly don't know where to start. I suppose I could start at the beginning, eh? Well.. here's a summary...

I was born in Nashville, TN in the middle of summer in the early 80's. That's all you're getting as far as details... I do not enjoy getting stalked. No names, no specific dates.. Just a location and season. :P We lived about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, in a very small town, until I was 7.. then we moved to West TN. We moved back to the aforementioned small town a year later. Yeah, exciting. I was "new" and "popular" in school for a whole year! Wee! Then we moved back and everything went back to the way it was. *shrug*

So, I lived in and around that small town for most of my life. I met the man that would become my husband while working at Wal-Mart. No, he didn't work there. So a lot of stuff happened.. I was in a couple of pretty much boring relationships and jobs besides Wal-Mart (though I ended up there, again, a year after I quit), and he eventually knocked a girl up and thought the right thing to do was marry her. Things didn't work out between them after a year or so, and they separated. That's when he came back into my life... at Wal-Mart... again. No, he didn't work there, then, either. We started dating about 6 months after he split up with his wife. Eventually, they got divorced, and we got around to having a daughter and getting married... in that order. He joined the army, they moved us across the country. He deployed, our daughter and I moved back home and stayed with my parents, even though I could have handled it on my own. (SOOOO fun, let me tell you *twitchy grin*... but it was the only way my hubby wouldn't worry about us)

He redeployed (aka "came home") and we moved back across the country. I got pregnant with our #2 later that year. He re-enlisted. We found out Bean II is another girl (HOORAY!!!) and that he got his choice of station (which is MUCH closer to home) within a day or two of each other. I'll be moving (with Daughter #1) this weekend to find us a place to live... while he stays up here for another month to get everything settled and to get cleared.

Now you're caught up... and I can start blogging about the here and now in future posts! Also, I'm all about giveaways.. so if you know of any good ones (especially ones with baby stuffs), let me know.. and I'll let y'all know about the ones I find, right here in this blog. :D

And another...

Yeah... this blog is turning into a "ZOMG GIVEAWAY" blog... and that's fine by me. I planned on using this blog once I found out I was pregnant with Bean II.. and still plan to, but life has gotten in the way. Maybe I'll manage to make an actual post sometime today... Anyway...

The Meanest Mom is hosting a fantabulous giveaway, lots of awesomeness. Go check it out!

Another giveaway! (ZOMG I won it!)

Head on over to and check out the review and giveaway of Magic Senses Glycerin Soap! The review/giveaway features the Cheerful Butterfly handcrafted soaps seen here. They are too cute and apparently smell fabulous.